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August 14th 2018 a date I'll remember for the rest of my life, it was this day that I became a father. I honestly don't think words will ever truly explain to a father to be just how magical this day is, between the nerves and seeing the mother of your child in a series of emotions throughout the day is both heartbreaking and exciting.

Rosie Helen Cowell was born via emergency c-section due to complications with mum, however at no point throughout the journey did Rosie seemed stressed! her monitoring seemed to suggest she was asleep despite mums pain! We had Rosie at Frances Perry House a private hospital within the Royal Womens and whilst we had some difficulties towards the end of our stay the hospital was excellent throughout the birth.

It's not until you get home in your space that you realise just how difficult, rewarding and scary the experience really is. Sleep is a luxury, yet surprising how your body adapts to the lack of it! Something I think that lacks in the hospital to home transition is what to expect. Whilst I appreciate our experience will be different to yours it still serves a purpose if not specifically for the fathers.

I was shocked and actually for the first time felt like I didn't have a voice, I had several 'smart ass' comments made towards me yet not. I was never addressed and only ever treated as 'the help' and not a decision maker and father of my child. I play as big of a role as my wife will in raising my child and whilst I appreciate someone has to work and therefore it appears the dads get the 'easier' end it's just not true.

Anyway I'm consider my options and looking for solution out there that assist new dads with these challenges to better enable the mums, bubs and family. I look forward to documenting my journey throughout this special time and uploading my own creative outlet with wonderful images of my family.


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